Why Small Spaces Need An Interior Designer

michaeline fernandez | October 31, 2013

Even the smallest apartment in America can be designed into a highly functioning apartment! SPACEStv did a walkthrough of Luke Tyler Clark’s studio apartment in Hell’s Kitchen that is only a whopping 78 square feet. In his abode, living room is synonymous with bedroom, as his couch turns into his sleeping quarters with a slight reorientation of the couch pillows. To deepen the space, Clark has placed a mirror above his desk in attempts to give the room more depth. Since the studio is limited in space, Clark only has enough room for one closet that holds everything (microwave, dishes, clothes, toiletries, etc.).

While this apartment is very restricting, Clark was able to organize the space into a studio that fulfilled all of his living requirements. He was able to create a living space, workspace, bedroom, and closet area. He even somewhat convinces me that living in a cartwheel length apartment is practical and suitable for anyone looking to move to Manhattan.

What’s my one and only quam with this apartment? The communal bathroom Clark must share with his neighbors.

Check the video out to see the Hell’s Kitchen Apartment.