What is a Home Stager?

Caitlin Morris | February 9, 2016

How do they differ from Interior Designers?


Even though Interior designers and Home Stagers are both a crucial part of the design world, their roles could not be any more different. According to Barb Schwarz, founder and CEO of Stagedhomes.com, staging is “the simple act of preparing a home for sale regardless of location, condition, market, interest rates or the economy.”


Interior designers make careful selections based on style, personality and creativity.

Home stagers work based on their final outcome, which is to give the house it’s best chance of being sold. Making the space sellable to anyone who walks through the front door is key to a stager. Every room from the living room to the kitchen should be appealing inside and out to both a man or a woman, married or single. They help the buyer visualize what they want in a home, while also helping the seller get the most money they can for their home. For example, someone without kids may not be able to picture himself in a house that is being showed with toys all over the place. Therefore, they may be temped not to put an offer on the house.


That being said, you can imagine why homes that are staged can commonly increase a sale price by anywhere between 3 and 50 percent.


Simply put, Home Stagers are all about the house, whereas Interior Designers are all about making that house into a home.


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