Venus and Mars: Everyone Needs A Space of Their Own

Caitlin Morris | November 12, 2015


One of the most important things about living in your home is the comfort and coziness of having a place that you can retire from the chaos and stress to enjoy the home you work so hard for. Home should be your sanctuary and between the commotion of everyday life, kids, meetings, errands: who wouldn’t benefit from a space to suit all your needs, indulge in your hobbies, hang out with friends or to just simply be alone.


CYS 11-18-14-1001

Lots of men want a place where they can hang out and entertain friends.


We’ve all heard the term “man cave” in recent years, or in other words a place for men to elude their wives and unwind with a few beers on an comfortable basement recliner to watch the game, or a few hours to spend with his tools in his oversized garage.

Women, you may find yourself asking yourself, “Why do the guys get to have all the fun?” Well, they don’t! Times are changing and rooms especially for women are becoming more popular than ever, and we’re not just talking about the kitchen. These spaces could be anything from a glamorous closet and dressing area, to an organized office headquarters, a colorful craft room, or a spa-like bathroom retreat with a soaking tub. The possibilities are endless. garage expert Vicky Choy points out that men and women, even while they share their home, having separate spaces is important for creating a healthy emotional well-being. She states, “Similar to the growing popularity of a custom designed walk-in closet serving as a woman cave, the garage is largely the location of the mans cave. Man cave trends include installing such gadgets as kegerators, wine bars, pool tables, workout areas, tricked-out media centers and other cool gizmos.”


CYS 10-29-14-1005

A spacious bathroom with a tub and lots of counter space is the perfect place to getaway and relax after a long day.


We know that in relationships and marriages, time apart every now and then is important, so why not tie in your overall health and wellness to your home and create yourself a space to ultimately enjoy not only the things you enjoy doing, but your home and the person you share it with as well.


CYS 11-18-14-1007

Basements could also serve as a great movie theatre lounge, just add a big screen and a sound system!

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