How To Design a Bedroom That Suits Your Children For Years to Come

Caitlin Morris | January 11, 2016

Designing a kid’s room can be tons of fun! Between the whimsical themes and playful colors, it’s super easy to create a great room your child will love. But, what do you do when your son outgrows his train themed space or your daughter no longer loves her Frozen bedroom? Redecorating your kid’s rooms every couple of years to accommodate their changing interests is not only time consuming but costly. There are however, a few ways to ensure your child’s room will grow with them.


First start with the color palette: stay away from the bright colors and opt for more neutral, natural and elegant colors. Although the bright and fun colors are adorable, they don’t necessarily work for a teen’s room. Benjamin Moore offers plenty of colors such as Spring Lilac and Golden Honey that are perfectly functional in that way.


Lilac or light purple is a great backdrop for a girl or teen’s room.


While, the paint color should stay the same, other aspects of the room are interchangeable. Hangings, posters and artwork can be put up and taken down whenever need be. In fact, Wexel Art has some wonderful options. Another obvious feature of a child’s room that can be replaced after a few years is bedding. When your little one thinks he’s too old to have cartoon cars on his walls and comforter, his bedding can easily be swapped for a more mature style.



In this nursery, notice both the stripes and chevron with subtle pops of color.



Lastly, don’t think that you have to stick to a solid color for your child’s room in order to keep it up to date. Patterns such as stripes, chevron and even sometimes leopard print work well into the teenage years just as they would for a baby’s room.

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