7 Tips on How to Create Your Own Holiday Tablescape – CYOHT

Aubrey Rosati | November 26, 2014

Holiday season is upon us, and what better way to dress up your home than with tablescaping!

Tablescapes are artful arrangements on tables, counters, shelves or any flat, elevated surface. Whether you’re throwing a party or simply just decorating a room, tablescapes can bring life to any space. They can be swoon-worthy when done the right way, so to help you out, we’ve gathered some great tips and tricks from the pros!


1. Choose a Theme

Choose your theme. Keep in mind that your tablescape with ultimately be a collection of similar items arranged together, so having a theme helps keep you organized.



2. Choose a Color Theme

Choose your color theme and stick to it! Remember, sometimes less is more, so try to limit your color pallet to just a few colors.

Pro Tip: Neutral hues with a careful burst of color here and there can create an incredibly appealing tablescape.



3. Mix and Match

Varying materials, styles, textures or patterns is a must! Create powerful statements by mixing bold patterns and prints, or unexpected twists with different textures and styles.

Pro Tip: Try to layer different fabrics and pieces to create unique textures and depth.



4. Standout

Use one or two standout pieces and build add around them.

Pro Tip: Try grouping the complimentary objects in groups of 3-5 to make sure nothing stands out as much as the standout piece.



5. Mirrors

Try using a long mirror, laying face-up horizontally on a table, or a variety of mirrors on shelves.

Pro Tip: Using mirrors on a horizontal surface looks visually interesting and gives the items placed on top more dimension.



6. Greens, Please

Greenery is always a wonderful addition to any tablescape, adding both life and texture. Be creative with it!

Pro Tip: Greenery is an easy way to add unexpected pops of color, as well as a hint of fragrance.



7. Elevation

Make sure to have some variation of height in your tablescape. This helps to create space and add depth.

Pro Tip: Try using stacked books to give smaller items some height.



Most importantly, have fun! If you keep these tips in mind while creating your tablescapes this holiday season, your home is sure to be swoon-worthy and beautiful!

– Good luck!

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