Our Approach

Our consultative team approach to allows us to better understand our client’s goals and objectives prior to sharing our vision for the interior design project.  This collaboration translates into an optimal design that not only meets our client’s requirements,  but exceeds their expectations.  Once we’ve fully defined the project scope, we are better able to construct a customized working agreement and recommend the appropriate fee structure.  By working closely with our clients throughout the project lifecycle, we are able to remove the guesswork as well as ensure every detail runs smoothly regardless of whether it’ s a small project or major renovation.

Always mindful of the client’s budget, Create Your Space Design will often re-purpose the existing furniture and/or home accessories to add cost effective and attractive features that personalize the overall design.  Please visit our Services page for a complete view of how we can help you Create your space, Live your your life, …it’s really that simple.

Our Bios

Michaeline Fernandez

Principle Designer | President

Michaeline Fernandez (formerly of m.designs) has worked in the interior design business for over 15 years and brings a fresh perspective to her field. Michaeline’s collaborative approach has empowered her clients to enjoy an active role throughout the creative process.  She takes great pride in that her clients enjoy their working relationship almost as much as the finished product…beautiful and well-functioning spaces that reflect their personal style. This positive experience for both Michaeline and her clients has translated into frequent repeat business and a strong pipeline of referrals among her growing client base.

Our Clients

“Create Your Space Design firm is AMAZING!!! They are creative thinkers who work closely with their clients to develop exactly what is right for each client. They work with what you have or completely from scratch and they are extremely budget conscious! Their attention to detail and tremendous customer service is outstanding.. I would highly recommend!”…Gabe S.

“We have worked with Michaeline for many years. We consider her to be an incredibly talented designer. She has the ability to make a room look absolutely amazing on any budget. We have recommended Michaeline dozens of times to our own customers and they have all been extremely pleased with her results. We will always, without hesitation, recommend Create Your Space Design. ”
Andrea Tresser and Susan Meaney Michael’s Carpet & Flooring

“My company has worked with CYS Design on many interior projects with great results. We have provided custom woodworking pieces that have complemented their themes and designs. Michaeline has thoughtful, artistic, and practical ideas which I have seen come to life many times. Her professional attitude and concern for the satisfaction of her customers is refreshing. I highly recommend CYS Design for both residental and commercial projects.”…. Afton Interior Woodworking

“I hired Create Your Space Design for our basement remodeling project this past year. Because I’ve worked with the team at CYS for other projects in my home, I knew that Michaeline and her team could transform our dark, worn out “play space” into a beautiful space for both family and entertaining. CYS was able to help me shape my vision for the basement and also ensure that all the work done – woodwork, granite, flooring, electrical – was done on budget and in a timely manner. Michaeline was able to work really well with a contractor that I’d already hired to do some of the structural changes. He had some ideas he brought to the table and Michaeline was so open to incorporating them into our design changes for the space.

Michaeline brings a breadth of experience and creativity to each project I’ve hired her for. Her strengths include: her ability to incorporate what I want while gently steering me in a direction that I would not have necessarily chosen because she KNOWS what will look and feel amazing; her relationships in the design community and product knowledge; and her to move a project along and get it done!

I have recommended CYS Design to many friends and their projects have turned out above and beyond their expectations as well.”….Lisa W.

“We were moving to new home from out of state and wanted to update a few areas of the home prior to moving in. Our realtor recommended Michaeline and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Michaeline at CYS did a fantastic job helping me select flooring, carpet, lighting, window treatments, and paint colors quickly and managed the installation and work process flawlessly for me. This was a huge relief given that we were living out of state and wanted the work complete prior to moving in. The businesses and contractors that she works with did a beautiful job. Since moving in, Michaeline has helped us decoratively pull our rooms together so they fit the style and function that we’re looking for. We have more home projects that we would like to do in the future and will definitely use Michaeline and CYS.”….Jeanne K.

“I had CYS come in to make my house a home. Micheline has such a way with creating the perfect space. Whether it was decorating my home for the holidays or redoing our powder room she got it right every time. I love coming home to my new space. It’s also an added bonus that she has a terrific personality, is reliable and a joy to work with. I can’t wait to start my next project!” ….Jen B.

“After waiting 13 years to do a kitchen remodel, Michaeline came in at the end and helped me put the finishing touches on my project. Her guidance, knowledge and professionalism were a huge help in making the right decisions for my budget. My kitchen table and window treatments are the highlight of the busiest room in my house!”…. Debbie A.

“Michaeline is so professional and incredibly timely! She saw the style we wanted and did a beautiful job making sure my master bedroom reflected that. I would highly recommend her. She has an amazing gift for design and decorating.”….Stacy S.

“I hired Michaeline after we completed a major renovation on our home. The house went from having many small rooms to a large, open floor plan. She helped us to blend the spaces while still using the furniture that we had. She incorporated new drapes, some new rugs, new paint colors and accessories. The space came together beautifully! I have since recommended her to many of my friends and clients. She is easy and pleasant to work with and understands what the clients needs are.”….Marsi R.

“Designed and redecorated a sunroom, which is used primarilly for watching TV by young teengars. The budget was fairly low, so Michaeline made few changes, but they had significant impact. She also shopped with me at stores like Home Goods to buy nice items at good prices. She suggested refinishing the wood floors and painting, which were simple to do, not too expensive, and were major visual enhancements. The room is long and narrow, which is challenging to arrange funriture, so she suggested that we primarilly provide seating in the room, rather than clutter it with too many decoarative items. She helped me to find a gently used modular couch which is so comfy. The room was not only a big hit with the teenagers, but also with my husand and myself. Michaeline turned a dated ‘kids room’ into a room to be enjoyed by the entire family. Including the dogs!” ….Maria A.

“CYS redecorated our 12 year old daughter’s bedroom. The room is fun and energetic, a perfect compliment to our daughter. Michaeline worked with our daughter, asking her opinion on fabrics and colors. Allowing her to be a part of the process was so smart. We are all thrilled with the results.” ….Kelly D.


“Create Your Space Design helped me with a kitchen redesign that entailed a complete demolition of my old kitchen and renovation of 80% of my first floor. I had been struggling with the idea of this project for many years and when I connected with Michaeline she took all the “struggle” out of it! She takes you through the process in a knowledgeable and caring way. Step by step decisions are made with guidance that allows your taste, input and consideration of cost. We love our new kitchen, powder room and first floor redesign!” ….Sheila H.

“We love Michaeline and her crew! They entered my house while my daughter was at school and I was at work. She accomplished a complete redo of my daughter’s room by the end of the day, It went from a toddler’s room to a “big” girls room. She had made new window treatments and bed coverings, covered the chair pad and coordinated lamps, rugs, wall hangings, rearranged the furniture. The whole works. It was like a fairy tale come true for my daughter who had wished and it was done so beautifully.” ….Kathy S.


“Must see my new powder room…thanks to Michaeline Fisher Fernandez! She’s the best designer EVER! Anyone in the northern NJ area who wants to redecorate, she’s who you should call!” ……Julie / Montville  NJ


“Michaeline helped me renovate my two bathrooms in 2007 and I absolutely love them both. The master bathroom has become my “happy place” with its soothing decor. I absolutely love the beauty and  functional design of our oversized shower…its fits us perfectly. Now that I’m finally getting around to renovating my kitchen, its a huge piece of mind knowing that Michaeline will be working with me to ensure our new space not only expresses our passion for  family but also suits our lifestyle”…Dianna / Mt. Lakes NJ


“In 2006, our home was completely renovated. After the renovation we had a completely open floor plan with lots of windows and french doors. We liked everything we owned but needed to tie it all together. We hired  Michaeline to bring it all together. She  was mindful of our budget and respectful of the furnishings we already owned. Michaeline successfully brought the rooms together with minimal new purchases and she was a pleasure to work with. I have recommended her to friends and clients alike”…Marsi / Mt. Lakes NJ


“I love my updated family room and kitchen….not only was it a pleasure to work with Michaeline but she has a wonderful eye and all my new window treatments, furniture pieces and accessories really helped warm up my home. Many, many thanks”…Karen/ Kinnelon, NJ


“OMG, Michaeline totally gets it. My daughter wanted her room done over, however I knew her current “cool things” would be outgrown in a couple of years.  Michaeline found just the right comforters and wild, chic accessories. She made all the window treatments with coordinating sheets, added beads and wow! Done on a budget with lots of love and my daughter was so thrilled. Thanks.”……..Kathy


“It was a pleasure working with Michaeline. She was very professional and had a great insight into helping me pick out fabric for my window treatments in my kitchen. I am thrilled with the result and would highly recommend her to anyone as a design consultant.”…….Ann


“Completing any design with Michaeline is a pleasure. She handles a project, big or small, with dedication, efficiency and a smile. I feel more than comfortable voicing my ideas, and she is always willing to listen. She is a great designer and friend.”…….Jenny


“Thank you for the best mother’s day present. The kitchen is gorgeous! It actually looks like it has been there forever–it just fits so well!”


“A gift…that is what Michaeline has. Effortlessly she brings life to a home. She believes her craft is a capability in us all. In fact, my in-ability to decorate is deeply rooted. Michaeline was born with this talent and she fine tunes it in each home she enters. Brava!”……Ann Rose


“I love my new updated family room and kitchen…not only was it a pleasure to work with you but you have a wonderful eye and all your new window treatments, furniture pieces and accessories really helped warm up my home. Many, many thanks.”…..Karen


“My sitting room is terrific! I love it!”…..Lisa

“Thank you so much! I will gladly recommend you to anyone who needs a designer.”…..Carol and Rich

“I just wanted to thank you again for designing the girls rooms.  They were so excited to see it!!  The card made an extra special touch.  I have to show you the video’s that I took of their reactions.  You really nailed down their personalities and gave them the room of their dreams.
Thanks again”
….Julie / Montville NJ

“I can’t stop walking in the living room….it looks awesome!!! I can’t believe with a few accessories the room went from “looking good” to “off the charts”! ! I’m in complete awe of how you got everything so right on. The florals are gorgeous and love the elegance of the chocolates and cream, the gold ram thingie fits perfect on the little site table and the pillows, unbelievable — they pull in a touch of red and blue from the dining room, a splash of the chocolate and the feathers on birds tails actually pick up the subtle design in the window treatments…. I am beyond thrilled!!! I just can’t believe how you nailed it you are a design genius. Something else, now that you’ve pulled in a bit more chocolate, the rug sample were looking at for the hallway will be just perfect!!! Can’t wait to get started on that job and my long list of others!”


“……Looking around at my Living Room and feeling so comfy and happy!!!!!  … I LOVE everything, the house looks so festive and cozy to me.  It is great to be able to breathe a bit easier during this hectic time and having your help and the CYS girls to accomplished that.  I can’t wait to have the girls over for drinks!”